Diabetic retinopathy has to be a serious concern for anybody who has diabetes. It is one of the leading causes of vision loss and it affects the vast majority of people who have diabetes. That being said if you keep your diabetes well managed there is no reason that it necessarily has to progress to the point where you would lose your vision. There are certain diabetic retinopathy vitamins that you can use to help to manage your condition. While there is no cure it should be possible to keep it under control.

The most important of the diabetic retinopathy vitamins is vitamin D. The main reason for this is that vitamin D is important for controlling your diabetes. It has a direct effect on the release of insulin in your body. Since keeping your diabetes under control is critical for avoiding diabetic retinopathy it is obvious that vitamin D is important in preventing the condition. This has been backed up by numerous research studies which have shown that there is a direct relationship between the use of vitamin D and diabetic retinopathy. Therefore a good vitamin supplement would seem to be important for people with diabetes.

When it comes to other diabetic retinopathy vitamins the results are a little bit less clear. There have been research studies that show that the use of vitamins C and E can also play a role in preventing the disease. However the research also shows that it is only effective in people who have been taking vitamin supplements for long periods of time. In the studies that have been done only people who have been using the supplements for at least three years have seen a reduction in risk. This is not hugely surprising given that diabetic retinopathy is a progressive disease that normally does take several years to develop.

There are a lot of products out there that claim that they can help with vision problems including diabetic retinopathy. In most cases they will include the important diabetic retinopathy vitamins along with a lot of other natural supplements that are supposed to help with vision. Whether any of these products actually do help with vision is open to debate. In most cases you would do just as well with a good multivitamin supplement. None of the other natural supplements have ever been shown to help with diabetic retinopathy.

It is important that you talk to your doctor about how to manage your diabetes so that you can prevent the progression of diabetic retinopathy. While some of these natural products may help it is best to take your doctor’s advice. The last thing that you want is to be risking your vision on a product that may or may not work. All of the necessary diabetic retinopathy vitamins are available in a standard multivitamin supplement so that should be adequate to provide you with all of the vitamins that you need. Unless your doctor recommends something else to you it is probably not worth using them.