Snoring is rarely considered a comforting sound, especially if you are not the one snoring. For most individuals who do snore, it can be sign of other problems such as sleep apnea which can rob you of a peaceful night’s sleep and leave you feeling tired in the mornings.

There are a few versions of a snoring spray on the market, claiming to reduce or eliminate that dreadful sound and help the person achieve peaceful sleep, as well as those around them. All the distributors of the different types of snoring spray also advise that is not a cure for sleep apnea.

Snoring is caused when the soft tissue in the upper palate relaxes when a person falls asleep and breathing causes it to rattle and make the sound referred to as snoring. Usually the more relaxed a person sleeps, the louder the snoring. The snoring spray claims to add tension to that loose tissue and end the vibrations.

Surgery is a Drastic Option

While snoring may be disruptive to the bed partner of a person who snores, it can also be a sign of, or in some cases the cause of, obstructive sleep apnea. During the sleep period, the relaxation of the soft tissue in the upper palate not only causes snoring, it is blocking the airway depriving the sleeper of oxygen. This causes the person to struggle to inhale and causes them unknowingly to wake up, sometimes hundred of times during the night.

In rare cases when drastic action is required, some doctors will opt for surgery, but for those with normal snoring problems, a snoring spray can usually help. The all-natural ingredients in these products usually do not cause any problems, but before trying a snoring spray a physician should be consulted to insure additional, more serious problems to not exist.

Since snoring is a sign of breathing being disrupted while a person sleeps, use of a snoring spray can mask some of the symptoms and the snoring spray is not being touted as a cure for sleep apnea or other breathing problems. Rather it is being sold simply to relieve the loud noises caused by loose tissue in the upper palate.

When people snore almost consistently they are struggling for air and recent research suggests it could also lead to diabetes, especially in people who have put on weight in their older years. Although a doctor should be consulted about major snoring problems, a snoring spray may help keep your bed partner sleeping in the same room.